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VOX Poetry

The reason why she is the way she is,

can’t seem to find complete closure.

She keeps making the same mistakes over and over.

She stands strong like a soldier,

not letting anyone in her heart.

She shows no emotion.

You’d never know she’s hurting.

You would never know how she felt.

You would never know the real her because she doesn’t know herself.

Even though its bad, Lord knows it feels so good.

Just something about that careless spirit.

How she lets someone whisper in her ears.

She knows they’re lies but that only makes it harder to resist.

It’s as if she was destined to rebel against what is right.

It’s as if it’s normal to have all this hate, anger, & depression stacked on top of her heart.

She’s learned that its okay to lose herself.

Its all just “feelings.”

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