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Get Fit for You

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It’s officially summertime, and the pressure to register at Planet Fitness may be weighing on your conscious. With advertisers and social media advocating for that so-called “summer body,” sometimes we teens get insecure with the way we look. I, for one, have had my fair share of body insecurities, and I have found conditioning as a way to naturally get the look I want for the summer.

Conditioning is a way to prepare your body for high-intensity activities, like sports, by strengthening specific parts of your body. Since all of our bodies are unique, and puberty affects us all in different ways, please keep in mind that every exercise I do may not work for you.

Keeping this in mind, I also realize that for someone who has been conditioning since 8th grade my body is able to handle high-intense exercises, while someone who has never worked out before may be more of a beginner. No matter where you are physically, conditioning at home allows you to be in a comfortable space and truly focus on your fitness progress.

One’s fitness journey begins with initiative, and if you are ready to begin, here are some exercises you can do. If you are interested in more fitness exercises and motivation, I recommend you check out @afrogirlfitness ( or @massy.arias ( on Instagram.


  • 1 yoga mat (optional)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Sporty shorts
  • T-shirt
  • Water
  • Music (opt.)


Set a timer for 30 minutes, and try to accomplish at least five of each exercise for your level multiple times.

Beginner Level

  1. Sit-ups (2 sets x 15)
  2. Push-ups (2 sets x 10)
  3. Squats (2 sets x 15)
  4. Lunges (2 sets x 15)
  5. Plank (1 set x 1 min.)

Immediate Level

  1. Sit-ups (2 sets x 25)
  2. Push-ups (2 sets x 15)
  3. Squats (2 sets x 25)
  4. Pulsing Lunge Squats (2 sets x 25 per leg)
  5. Russian Twist (2 sets x 1 min.)
  6. Leg Lifts (2 sets x 10 reps)
  7. Circular Leg Lifts (1 sets x 15 reps)
  8. Superman (2 sets x 30 sec.)
  9. Side lifts (2 sets x 15 per leg)
  10. Plank (2 sets x 1 min.)

Advanced Level

  1. Sit-ups (2 sets x 30)
  2. Push-ups (2 sets x 20)
  3. Squats (2 sets x 30)
  4. Pulsing Lunge Squats (2 sets x 30 per leg)
  5. Russian Twist (3 sets x 1 min.)
  6. Leg Lifts (2 sets x 15)
  7. Circular Leg Lifts (2 sets x 15)
  8. Superman (2 sets x 1 min.)
  9. Side Plank (2 sets x 1 min. per leg)
  10. Plank (2 sets x 1 min.)
  11. Wall Squat (1 set x 1 min.)
  12. Bicycle (1 set x 1 min.)
  13. Jump Squats (2 sets x 15)
  14. Mountain Climbers (2 sets x 20)

Kayla, 18, will attend Spelman College in the fall. Mack Walker created the gifs for this story. 


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Kayla Smith, 21, is a third-year International Studies major attending Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. She is a VOX alum, and is pursuing a career in diplomacy and internation...

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