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For a Black Girl

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While Black Lives Matter is at high relevance right now, I reflected on what it means to be a black girl and the stereotypes we face.

You’re pretty

For a black girl

You’re butt is small

For a black girl

You have long hair

For a black girl

You have —


Don’t look down on me for my dark skin

And praise her for her light skin

I’m sorry my curls don’t fall as loosely as hers

But don’t disrespect my tight curled 4c hair and call it nappy

My body is not for you to fantasize over

But for me to live in

So don’t disrespect it by

Judging it for not being as curvy as you want

You want me to gain weight

So I do

Oh now I’m too fat

You only like them skinny

So I lose the weight

Oh now I’m anorexic

Society so hard to please

Change this

Change that

You only like girls with long hair

So I get a weave

Oh now I’m bald headed cause it’s not mine

Natural hair is in

So I wear it

Oh now my hair isn’t long enough

What do you want from me

No I don’t care anymore

I eat healthy

For me

I exercise

For me

I wear makeup

For me

I do my hair

For me

I dress up nice

For me

Not because you like me like that

Not because society likes me like that

But for Me


Dasia Evertsz is a 17-year-old rising senior at Our Lady of Mercy Catholic School. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @minniedayday. Artwork also created by Dasia. 


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