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VOX ATL traveled to Crews Middle School in Gwinnett County and captured teen voices on equity in education through art.

From Bully to Gifted, Crews Middle School Illustrates Equity in Education

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To kick off 2020 we facilitated our first community workshop of the year at Crews Middle School in Gwinnett County. After a great conversation about getting your voice into the community we created some amazing content that included video, podcasting, and art.

One group drew their own pieces inspired by our recent VOX Investigates topic “Equity in Education,” with some very insightful commentary. Checkout what they drew! -Aidan Ventimiglia, VOX Teen Editor


Are gifted programs fair?

Many students are often ignored by the program. They might be just as deserving. -Hannah Shores

Teacher accuses student

There’s always a troubled student or class clown and teachers call them out for the littlest thing which is ridiculous so the purpose of this comic is to show that its not always the student and teachers accuse them because they got in trouble recently. -Grace Chinlian, 13

Be loud and use your voice and don’t stay quiet. -Adria Hollman, 13

More Money=More Success

In a lot of cases the more money you have, the more success you can have because you have more opportunity. When you can’t afford to buy yourself success, you are just left behind. -Emma Greene, 13

[This is] bullying because you can’t speak the same language and you don’t understand what they are saying. -Blanca Quijada, 14


This is how people see different people who aren’t like them, for example I am hispanic and people look or see me as a dumb person or think I’m a threat when I’m not and they think the same as to my friend who is a muslim and they don’t see how their actions makes us see ourselves. -Emely Ortega, 14

The Real Bullying

Many people that think bullying is fighting, rumors, blackmail, and name-calling. These are bullying, but the one that happens the most and is overlooked is excluding and leaving people out. -Shatina Chen, 14

Don’t bother [with] what people say about you. -Arely, 14

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