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“Creed” Is The “Rocky” For Our Generation

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“Creed” takes you back to the streets where it all began, but with a modern day twist.

You cannot walk into this movie without knowing what happened in the original “Rocky” film series that first started in 1976. You will lose the depth and magnitude of the story. If you watched the original series or at least now about it, you will fall in love with this movie just like I did.

Watching the film, you see a bridge close the gaps between two generations. Seeing Michael B. Jordan as Adonis work alongside Sylvester Stallone, who created his iconic Rocky role, was a sight to see. Jordan made you believe in Adonis’ character. You could tell Jordan put his work in. You go through every emotion with him. Every punch. Every ounce of his training. You see how both Rocky and Adonis have to fight in and out of the ring together. With an unexpected new challenge for Rocky and Adonis’ need to become something more than his father’s name, you see their relationship bloom into something more than a trainer/trainee relationship. You see Adonis become our generation’s Rocky.

Even if, like me, you’re not a boxing fan, there is something in this movie for everyone. Just like Rocky’s appeal in the 1970s. You can’t help but love what the movie stands for. It is a story about endurance, finding family in unexpected places, sticking to your guns no matter what and, most importantly, love. It makes you laugh, cry, and cheer endlessly for the underdog. You feel every part of the movie. The fight scenes retain the old “Rocky” feel while bringing something fresh and exciting. You feel as if you’re actually there in the arena because of the surround sound in the theater.

I will admit, at times the movie seems a bit too theatrical with each boxer having a character profile and freeze frame. But since the film cast real-life boxers Anthony Bellew, Andre Ward and Gabriel Rosado, it can be understood why this was done.

Director Ryan Coogler’s job was not easy. It takes a lot to continue a decades-long successful film franchise but the 40-year legacy will clearly live on. Every element of the story is right, from “Creed’s” setting in Philadelphia to the “Rocky” franchise backstory sprinkled throughout. The old elements provide something seasoned that new fans will appreciate.

With the help from Michael B. Jordan’s dynamic acting and Sylvester Stallone’s experience, the movie is rich with everything you’d want from a series reboot. “Creed” is the “Rocky” of our generation and we might as well get used to Adonis because he’s not going anywhere.

It’s a simple equation of old meets new, from the mix of the old “Rocky score and fresh hip hop on the soundtrack to the relationship between Adonis and Rocky. This movie will appeal to an equal number of fans in both generations.



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