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Concert Review: The Osceola Brothers Light up the Hard Rock Cafe

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When I was given the opportunity to review this concert, I had no idea what to expect. I had never heard of the Hollywood, Florida-based Osceola Brothers, but the prospect of listening to a rock band infused with blues and indigenous flavor intrigued me, so I jumped for it.

Seated in the Hard Rock Cafe’s Velvet Underground in downtown Atlanta, waiting for the evening’s opening act to finally finish their set was simply excruciating. An order of the overpriced apple pie was a bittersweet way to alleviate some of the downtime, but I was really waiting for the kind of satiation that only exceptional music can provide.

After hours of anticipation, the opening act finally took their seats and the brothers — two teens and a 20-year-old — set up the stage. At first sight, the three brothers resembled people might expect to see in a punk rock scene. Dark black hair covered various parts of their faces, and light jewelry was displayed on their necks and wrists. The lead vocalist and guitarist, Cameron Osceola, wore a trendy pair of distressed white jeans with exposed knee caps, while bassist and vocalist Tyson Osceola, and drummer and vocalist Sheldon Osceola were both framed in black from head to toe.

Their stage presence was decidedly memorable. Given this was their first time touring the U.S., the group seemed to take to the stage as naturals. Even as they were setting up, their youthful and adrenalized energy was almost contagious. I made eye contact with all three of them during various times of their invigorating set, and smiles ranging from soft to beaming would greet me. During especially headbanger-esque moments, Cameron’s right leg would match a rhythm, and at one point he even found his way onto both knees without missing a beat on his guitar.

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Like most hard rock, certain parts of all of their songs tended to be tumultuous, but they managed to tie it all together in the end with aggressive but bluesy outros. The beginning of “Set Me Free” was especially catchy, with stratified vocals and strategic pauses that closely resembled classic rock.

Their minimalistic but hip dress forced me to really concentrate on the complexity of what they were playing, and to put it simply, they are beyond talented. If you are searching for extreme talent and the perfect amount of chaos you can check out their new EP “Out Of Nowhere” at  theosceolabrothers.com or catch them on tour throughout the Southeast this summer.

— Faith Lucas, VOX teen staff

A Family Connection Beyond the Stage 

The purple haze and fog rising from the Hard Rock Cafe stage set the best rock concert mood possible among the tables of families and friends in the audience enjoying a band they most likely had never heard of. Sizzling trays of gourmet entrees traveled back and forth as the band began making the downtown Atlanta venue their own.

One of the most interesting things about the Osceola Brothers is the connection they each have between each other. Many musicians say that creating music with family is a different feeling. Watching the Osceola Brothers perform, I now have a better understanding of what that means. The connection they have performing with each other translates beyond the stage.

Other people arriving to enjoy a late night drink or meal also thoroughly enjoyed their performance. A lady sitting a few feet away from me at the bar turned to face the band as they dove into their first song. As the performance progressed, more and more people joined in, nodding their heads and tapping their foot to the music.

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From the youngest brother, Sheldon Osceola on drums, to Tyson Osceola on bass and the lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Cameron Osceola — who was busy energizing the audience from the right side of the stage, the abundance of talent on the stage was a pleasant surprise. The sound was incredible. Although the vocals were great, my favorite parts were when Cameron would come center stage and work his magic on the guitar, along with a soulful bass from his brother Tyson.

The energy of the show stayed at a 10 out of 10 the whole night, even as one song slowed things down briefly toward the middle of the show. The allure of the purple and blue lights, along with the fog and hair-shaking rockers on stage made for an unforgettable night.

Unlike other rock bands today, there was something familiar but fresh about their sound. It was classic enough to make you feel the same way you felt listening to some of the most popular bands before the 2000s, but their style and approach was something I have never seen before. Even on this, their first tour, the band is more than capable of delivering exciting shows.

The Osceola Brothers looked like they were having the time of their lives on stage, and as I watched and listened, I felt as if I, too, could pick up a guitar and sound just as great, despite my lack of skill when it comes to playing the instrument.

— Destine Manson, VOX Teen Staff

Faith is a rising senior at Milton High School, and Destine is a rising senior at Mays High School and professional daydreamer.

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Above photo by Destine Manson, VOX Teen Staff

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