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VOX Teen Art: #BlackLivesMatter Your Voice Is Power

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So much hatred and violence is spreading like a plague sweeping the nation with racism fueling the fire.

Our voice is the strongest artillery we have against the adversity of racism, police brutality, and the defamation of humanity. It is our responsibility to make a change and today is the time for that change. Centuries of the virus called “racism” is still infecting millions with still no vaccine. This time, the outcome will be different as we lead a revolution to take back our rights.

I am proud to stand with my black brothers and sisters as we fight for their humanity. One voice is all it takes to be heard, but a million voices makes others listen. It is not an option to be silent, as your silence is anti-black and expresses that you are complicit with the ways things are now. It’s rare to see our country come together at this large of a scale, so let’s use this opportunity to scream in unity.


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