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Atlantans React To Donald Trump’s Vice-Presidential Pick

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On Friday morning, Donald Trump, the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republican party, announced that Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be his vice presidential running mate in the upcoming election. We spoke with some locals in the Downtown Atlanta area and asked if a Trump-Pence ticket will be helpful or harmful to the country.

Near the campus of Georgia State University, we found Patrick Dobbs, 44, who said the Trump and Pence alliance will have a negative impact on the country. “Both candidates are bad for our country,” Dobbs said. “I’m considering not even voting this year.”

Cornelius Warren, 25, had a slightly different viewpoint, saying Trump and his presidential opponent Hillary Clinton won’t be helpful to the country. “Trump is harmful to our country. I do not support anything he says or stands for.”

The Trump-Pence Breaking News reporters from VOX Media Cafe
The Trump-Pence Breaking News Day reporters from VOX Media Cafe Naomi and Latoia (not pictured but represented on the dry erase board: Kiaya).

Also in the downtown area we ran into Greg Ostend, 46, who told us, “The alliance would be detrimental. Trump needs someone to counter his views.”


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