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As Atlanta Prepares For Olympic Celebration, Nice Attacks Are on Mind

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On the evening of July 14, France’s city of Nice was celebrating Bastille Day. As people gazed at the fireworks, a large white truck drove into the crowd, running over French citizens and visitors. Thousands of people ran away, screaming in fear. Police killed the driver.

So far, 202 people have been reported injured and there are at least 84 dead.

In the aftermath of this attack, we set out to ask people in Atlanta how safe they felt in advance of this weekend’s 20th anniversary celebration of the Centennial Olympic Games, an event that will draw thousands to the downtown area. We went around Centennial Olympic Park and Peachtree Center Mall asking people how they felt about public safety in light of the Nice attack.

A couple who identified themselves as Yaasine and Robert said, “It’s not a good idea to be around late at night during times like this.”

One woman at Peachtree Center customer service added, “You should be nervous anywhere.”  

Nice Reaction Story Breaking News Day reporters
Nice Reaction Story Breaking News Day reporters Aria, Aria and Lucy.

Sean, an intern working downtown, had a different perspective, saying he always feels protected when he’s downtown.

 As workers in Centennial Olympic Park were busy erecting stages and prepping the park for this weekend’s festivities, one security guard told us the attack in Nice was on the minds of many.


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