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“Yung Baby Tate has been bringing a fresh sound to the music industry, and is a local artist that is bound to become a household name soon,” writes VOX ATL reporter Amariyah Callender.

Photo: Erin Davis/VOX ATL

Girls, Girls, ‘GIRLS’: Yung Baby Tate is a Hometown Hero

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Rising rapper, singer and producer Yung Baby Tate touched down in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia on April 4th, 2019 during her run opening for fellow artist Leikeli 47 on the “Acrylic” tour.

The 22-year-old creative has been dropping music on streaming platforms since 2015, and her latest project, “GIRLS” is no exception to the rule. Released almost a year after her project “BOYS,” this new release is fueled with femininity and fun. From fan favorites such as “That Girl” and “Wild Girl” to powerful features from fellow female rappers Killuminati and Mulatto on “Pretty Girl,” this multi-talented powerhouse is slowly yet surely taking over the game.

Prior to the headlining artist’s performance, Tate electrified the stage with her long, beaded braids and a dazzling silver ensemble that danced along with her movements. Whether she rapped to a bass-heavy beat or sustained notes in C minor, the crowd was mesmerized and cheering on for this hometown hero.

The Atlanta native had the opportunity to speak with VOX ATL on the inspiration for her latest project as well as her creative process and humble beginnings.

Photos by Erin Davis/VOX ATL


VOX ATL: You’ve been killing it with this concept work lately with “GIRLS,” “BOYS,” and older projects. What goes into the process of creating a concept project?

Yung Baby Tate: Concepts for me are just, like, so much easier to complete. I’ve been making conceptual projects since I was, like, thirteen. When I first started making music, I was making conceptual albums, so for me, concepts are like… a project for me and it’s a challenge for me every time, so it’s fun for me and it’s exciting. I always, you know, wanna go into something new and I love a concept, I love me a concept.

VOX ATL: Besides the obvious reason, what inspired your latest project, “Girls”?

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YBT: “GIRLS” was inspired by off of the back of “BOYS,” you know, the messages I was sending out to the world with “BOYS” just about what boys need to hear and I felt like there’s something that girls need to hear as well. Girls need to hear uplifting messages about themselves at all times, like, “you’re a bad b*tch,” “you can do whatever the f*ck you wanna do,” “you can be whoever the f*ck you wanna be,” and I just felt like because of the people that listen to my music and the type of influence I have, it’s important for me to be mindful and cognizant of the messages I put out into the world. So, I felt like “GIRLS” was needed, and so, I did it.


VOX ATL: You’re an alum of DeKalb School of the Arts. How has attending an art school helped shape your career as an artist?


YBT: Oh, man. Literally, me going to a performing arts high school and elementary school has literally made me the performer that I am. People always say, “Oh, this is your first tour? You seem so comfortable!”, and it’s like, I am because I’ve been performing since I was in third grade. So, not only just the performance aspect of it but formal training, as far as composing music, vocally, acting, the whole package is there that a lot of people don’t have the advantage of having. I feel like everyone should put their kid in a performing arts high school.

VOX ATL: How has it been working alongside Leikeli 47?

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YBT: It’s been so dope. Leikeli is really, really dope, she knows how to make great music that moves crowds and brings everybody together, it’s been really inspiring to watch and be a part of. It’s just been really fun to go out to all these different cities and meet new people, new fans. It’s really been fun and a great learning experience.

VOX ATL: Can we expect more content from you in the future? Possible collabs? A full-length project?

YBT: Yeah, you know, like I said, I love me a good concept so that’s kinda what I do at this point, I just think of, like, “what’s my next one?”, you know? So… we’re expecting some new concepts this year and next year as well. I’m collaborating with the girls that I think are dope, so, yeah!

Photo: Amariyah Callender/VOX ATL



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