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VOXClusive Interview: ALEC Talks New Project “Hate The Sin…Love The Sinner”

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Even though Atlanta is a landlocked city with no beach, there is still a sea here...a sea of creators. Within this sea, we find the versatility of different creators, such as filmmakers, painters, producers, and fashion designers, who all share the same love of creation. Among them is poet, transformer, creative and rapper ALEC.

ALEC is from the heart of College Park, Georgia, and a recent graduate of Decatur High School who will begin attending Georgia State University in the fall of 2021. ALEC embodies a revolution of the world and cultivates the youth of music who will one day conquer the world. 

His journey into music started in his Ron Clark Academy visual arts class.  When he first walked into the doors of his visual arts classroom, he was blinded by naiveness, not sure how how his world would combine with greater society. During their poetry unit, his instructor seemed to always push his limits, forcing him to walk into the unknown doors of the world and shift the narrative where ever he could.

“Stepping out of my comfort zone gave me a new perspective at a young age,” says ALEC. “That’s where my thought process ignited.” 

Made a promise to be modest ‘bout successes but Impressed about my blessings and pay homage to my people when I got it” — “ODE” by ALEC

His lyrics are vulnerable, which sheds light on the shadows that society seems to run away from. ALEC enjoys the true beauty of helping people through his passion of rapping. 

“All of my life I have been told that I was a leader,” says ALEC. “I just had to find a way to lead. It was through music.” 

ALEC’s latest project, “HATE the SIN, LOVE the SINNER,” is a piece that deserves recognition. Many wonder who Alec Myrick is, the expounding rapper who moves rooms before even spitting a rhyme. Below is the inside scoop of the one and only ALEC on his new project, “HATE the SIN, LOVE the SINNER.”

VOX ATL: What was your inspiration for your newest project, “HATE the SIN, LOVE the SINNER?”

ALEC: In seventh grade, we went on a field trip to go see “Hamilton.” In the song “The Room Where It Happens” [there is line that] says “hate the sin, love the sinner.” In life many people live off of these values. There’s many people who praise those who seem untouchable, but forget that they make mistakes just like everyone else. A lot of times our judgement is clouded by who the sinner is rather than what the sin was.

VOX ATL: Give me some examples of this sin you reference.

ALEC: Humans are innately judgmental, naturally we are selfish. In a general sense, celebrities who are accused of sexual assault, their fan base would not want to believe. In society we choose to side with the stature rather than the substance of an actual human being. 

VOX ATL: Let’s talk about the album’s intro, “ODE.”

ALEC: “ODE” is taking place in a restaurant and someone is trying to preach knowledge to the audience. However, the audience does not want to hear it and turn their heads. Which symbolizes how a lot of times in society people listen to what they want to hear rather than what they should be listening to. There is always going to be beauty in any storm that you are in, it’s just about if you have a willingness to find it or not. 

VOX ATL: Tell me the process of this introduction to your album.

ALEC: In the beginning, I said “This is for the people living in the projects whippin, just so they can show how their contacts are different from the people who think that poverty is probably a sentence that can never be rehearsed like the man of the house.”

This shows the complexities of two different perspectives: people who live in the projects and places where poverty is not even present. I definitely wanted to be as vulnerable as possible to show that this project is to entertain, inform, and educate. 


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  1. Tony

    Love this article and the artist. Need more music in our culture that focas on our strengths and awareness. True vocals with a creative edge.

  2. BRAVO

    Atlanta is known for the party music and energetic vocals but this album truly raises the stakes! It challenges ALL of Atlanta to take their lyrical content to another level.