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Artwork by Carmen Weishan Herold

VOX Teen Poetry: wisteria woman

by share

She fades in and out of existence.
Her violet hair pierces through
the warmth of spring.
She only appears when
the frost of winter
has seeped into the soil
and leaves just as the August sun rises.
But even in the short time
she’s in town.
She pleasantly stains every
corner of your life.
She’s everywhere you look.
She lingers in every word you speak.
And then she’s gone
as if she were never there
to begin with.
Until next spring when
she comes back
and it feels as if her name
never left your lips.

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About Carmen Weishan Herold

/VOX ATL Teen Staff

Carmen Weishan Herold, 17, attends Dekalb School of the Arts, majoring in creative writing and minoring in media and film! She is the President of Graphic Novel Club at her sc...

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