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Artwork by Zariyah Allen, VOX Teen Staff

VOX Teen Poetry: “Truth”

by share

Sequences of movements make a dance,
Sequences of words make a speech,
A pattern of sounds create a song,
A collection of memories make a past,
And a repetition of a beating heart continues a life,
Yet my body enjoys creativity,
Combining sequences of sounds with repetitive beats,
Letting the hybrid flow out of my mouth,
Up and down my spine making me feel,
Aware of all,
Ashamed of none,
My feelings,
You make me feel,
I make you feel,
I allow myself to sing patterns of sounds,
Which brings along the sequence of unplanned movements,
Causing the repetitive beats to pump faster,
Continuing a life,
My life,
And the cycle of truthfulness to my heart continues on,
The accumulation of my freedom creates me!

Author’s note: Thank you very much for reading “Truth.” This poem is about “staying real” with yourself and allowing all of you to feel and think as you truly desire. Many times we are all encouraged to keep things inside, to not acknowledge feelings, or to only view things in one way. However, we all have the right to connect our bodies to our minds and to feel what is there if we wish to. We are multidimensional — so let your dimensions reflect from every part of you.




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