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VOX Teen Poetry: They Thought I Would Fly High

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They thought I would fly high,
So I did
I rose above the clouds of adversity,
With the dream of changing the world with my generosity.
I gained plenty of awards despite all the haters’ damaging words

They thought I would fly high,
So I did
I ascended above the poisoned ground,
Waiting for equality to finally be found,
And when I pass on I want people to know I tried,
Tried to make a world where people never cried

They thought I would fly high,
So I did
I flew high like my grandfather in the sky,
I fight to make him proud and that’s no lie
And despite all the inevitable danger,
I’ll strive to be what Dr. King said, a Drum Major

They thought I would fly high,
So I did
As I come to a close I want all of you to know,
That we are unstoppable as long as we have the lord, in tow
But for now I won’t give up, I’ll continue to fight,
And prevail at the end with all of our collective might

They thought I would fly high,
So WE will

Author’s note: The motto of the City of Atlanta is Resurgens, meaning, “Rising Again.” On the flag is a Phoenix, a creature who’s often seen rising from ashes or fire, despite adversity. Just like Atlanta was burned to the ground during General Sherman’s March to the Sea and rose again as the 10th largest economy in these United States, we all can rise again as better versions of ourselves. This poem shows my fight to rise again against odds, to fly high. So, I did. I still am. Will you fly with me?

Artwork by Kalea Fresh, 15, who attends Parkview High School. You can see her other artwork by following her on Instagram: @fresh.creates_

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comments (2)

  1. Lionell Goodman

    My son I am so proud whenever I read his writings. Much love

  2. Renae Goodwin

    Demar, what can I say?? You truly are an Amazing young man. Full of talent and wisdom. I have been in awe of you since 4th grade. (I think thats when I met you). Continue to fly high young man. #Impressive