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Art by Zariyah Allen

VOX Teen Poetry: “The Girl with the Invisible Boy’s Eyes”

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‘Click clack click clack’,
The sound of hooves against the dirt road,
‘Click clack click clack’,
The sound of gold colliding in their pockets,
I hear laughter fill the air,
A chariot approaches,
The girl inside laughs,
We make eye contact, so I smile,
But her smile fades,
She looks at me with empty eyes,
She blocks all, so I may only see her,

Riding out in the chariot with daddy,
The ‘clicking clacking’ of the horses hooves make me giggle,
Down a dirt road,
Weeeee, ‘Clickity clack clickity clack’ I laugh,
I look out and the people that line the road look as they smell,
Funny something so unimportant taking up space,
A boy’s eyes meet mine,
He smiles at me as if he is my equal,
He looks at me with empty eyes,
Pockets ripped,
Eyes empty,
I do not wish to see him,
‘Click clack click clack’,
The horses pull us home,
A long day of riding I wish to sleep,
My head falls back onto a sac of feathers,
My eyes look up to figures of the celestials and angels painted on my ceiling,
My sockets engulf my pupils and all is deep dark black,

-Girl Dreaming-
I awaken within my dream,
But I do not see from my eyes,
I am afraid,
I cannot force my eyes open,
I have the invisible boy’s sight,
Viewing life through his eyes,
I see that he is not what I was taught,
He is not scum,
He is life…with a heart that beats,
A face that smiles and frowns
And eyes that fill with excitement as they see a chariot draw near,
Through the boy’s eyes, I see my past self approaching in a horse drawn chariot,
“Don’t frown don’t scorn the boy” I whisper,
How can I change this?
At this moment I gain control,
I transfer from the boys body to my dream self riding past,
I smile and wave to him,
He smiles back,
Eyes full,

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I am shaken awake,
Eyelids parted,
Eyes full,
My tears of gratitude and empathy hold the blurry reflections of painted figures of celestials and angels above me,
Yet I see more clearly than ever,
Because I realized it was I who had empty eyes.

Author’s Note: Thank you for reading “The Girl with the Invisible Boy’s Eyes.” Told from the point of view of the “Girl” and “Boy,” this is a poem about empathy and self awareness in how you view things in life.

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