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Before the semester ends and the new year begins, I wanted to express the significance of vulnerability because imposter syndrome and new adjustments can make opening up emotionally and socially uncomfortable. With Thanksgiving behind us and the New Year approaching, we need to treat ourselves with care. I mean, you would not treat your friends…

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BFF (Beautiful Fearless Fools) EP 1: What is Self-Awareness?

This podcast is filled with everything Teen and everything Real. In this podcast three teen girls Ila-Rose, Paige, and Emmanuella sit and talk about everything that we as teens experience and can grow from. We will talk about the truth about relationships at our age to mindfulness or self-awareness. Our goal is to connect with other people our age through our own experiences while giving them tips on how to grow from those experiences because at the end of the day we are all BEAUTIFUL, we are all FEARLESS, but sometimes we feel like FOOLS!