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Illustration by Zariyah Allen

VOX Teen Poetry: “The Garden in my Heart”

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The warm sun kisses your nose,
To be sealed in this moment of tranquility with a chosen pose,
Under my closed eyelids, I see your face in the golden scintillation of the sun,
Laying in the lush green grass, wind and breath respiring as one,
Becoming Yin and Yang
Our hearts synchronizing with each pang,
Rain drips onto our faces,
Moss of love sprouting in untouched places,
Wax pours over our entire being,
You’re laughing saying “Count how many colors we are seeing!”
Dizzy from fumes, we’re a spinning top,
Going so fast be sure not to pop,
At the speed of light your heart and mine equally serene,
How many colors of wax have been seen?
The wax between our interlace fingers begins to harden,
Time is freezing as we lie in this garden,
Your squeezing my hand and the mold begins to crack,
My eyes open…for time is back,
The sun has been replaced by the moon and stars,
Our warm breath melts the cracks in wax that resemble scars,
Our love lives in the everlasting garden of our heart,
I hear your voice saying “ I don’t wish for time to stop, but only continue to start”,
The moon and stars make space for the day,
You lift from your pose, for this is as long as we shall stay,
Eyes open, I see wax over your face in the sun’s scintillation,
I remove the carving without hesitation,
In the grass, we set the carvings of our faces that were made,
And we will continue together in the present singing life’s serenade,
Not statues forever sealed in one lovely moment,
But for the future lovers that that wish to look upon us, they may view this small component,
Myself and you, whom i’m with,
This day may become a myth,
Beauty is in every breath we exhale,
Thus experiencing newness will prevail,
So, I will sculpt this time with you to grow in the garden of our hearts!

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Author’s Note:
This poem is about two people that deeply love each other; it was highly inspired by music, and the fanciful history of the “making of” what is perceived as sealed artwork (statues, paintings, songs, etc). These two people continue to experience the most beautiful moments in life and arrive at their favorite moment. Believing that this is the best moment they decide that they wish to stay in this moment forever by being turned into statues. And future pairs of anyone that experiences love may come to the infamous garden to view the statues of the lovers who loved the most, sealed within the most beautiful moment. The two people go to a garden to be sealed as statues forever, and as the wax pours over them (sealing them into a pair of statues–remember it’s fanciful) it becomes their new favorite moment. They stay for a while and the wax hardens. Second-guessing the decision they begin to breathe, melting the wax…then the person – who was a man in my interpretation squeezes the girl’s hand to awaken her. Feel free to think of the people in this poem as any gender you want to best enjoy the story of it. The wax cracks and time is back…because they both know that they do not wish for time to stop but only continue to start. They wish to continue discovering together. So, they lay for a while more enjoying the time. They leave the carvings of their faces (what would have been full statues) for others to benefit from and go on to enjoy their lives.

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This poem is written from my heart, and I have hopes that it inspires the sensuality of any love for someone/ something, sounds colors, and more. I also hope it inspires the amazingness that living in the present can inspire.
Thank you.

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