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VOX Teen Poetry: The Beauty of a Name

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For some time,
I was ashamed of my own name.
The length, the complexity
It was all too much to explain.

Many would call it peculiar.
“Jesutomiwo, how strange,” they’d claim.
Hints of disgust, always
“Why so long,” they’d say

Over time,
The world’s comments got to me.
Instead of embracing my identity,
I suppressed it, gradually.

I allowed the mispronunciation of my name
I permitted the disrespect of their tone
Slowly but surely,
I lost the true meaning of me.

Now that I’ve grown
I realize the beauty my name holds.
How it’s the key to understanding me,
How it’s meant to have complexity.

I’ve learned to appreciate those who question my name.
Gladly I’ll explain it
Because never again will I try to subdue my identity.
Never again will I be ashamed of my own name.

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