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Art illustration by Hananya Allen

VOX Teen Poetry: Stardust

by share

He blew onto my hand and sparkles glimmered in the air,
I think he already knew but he asked me what it was,
I smiled and said “It’s stardust baby”
I took his hand into mine and blew on it also,
Particles of illumination floated up past our sight,
Cinematic like dust rising in front of your eyes in light of a projector as credits roll,
“It’s stardust baby”
Watch the show and love the show that you are,
You’re the main character,
Touch anywhere you please,
We are stars,
We are none stop,
Able to do anything at all,
Loving ourselves and others,
I’m here and I’m on my way,
I can stand still if I want to stay
The black of my hair and white of his eye,
Made up of stardust,
Baby you’re a star too,
Just blow and you’ll see millions of reflections of your face floating in the air,
Blow your stardust and dance in it like a field of beautiful fireflies,
Love and embrace yourself,
Shimmer shimmer shimmer is the sound of my heartbeat,
It’s Stardust Baby,
Baby you’re a star….

Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading “Stardust”. This has honestly been the most fun I’ve ever had
writing a poem before. This poem is inspired by the one and only Jackson Wang and his song
“Dway”.  Which is a song about complete confidence in oneself. I like to think of Dway as my life
theme song. This poem is dedicated to both you and I in knowing that you are, always have
been and always will be, a star!

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