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VOX Teen Poetry: ‘Stairwells’

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Reflections from a shattered mirror that was glued back together,

-Silver rings catching the sunlight-

Sculptures centuries old preserved,

-Magnolia flowers at the top of trees; first to catch rain-

Paintings that capture the life of a million moments into one,

-Staring back at my double mirrored face-

Extended observation of particular works of art,

-Visualizing their story in the aisle between them-

Light wooden floors creak with our procession,

-A faux golden butterfly hangs from my neck-

A structure made of all glass combines views of outside, inside and out,

-I’m inside but staring out-

The trees seem to be chosen years later as the artist’s backdrop,

-Metallic ascension to my destination named an elevator-

Descending ramps under an open roof,

-My shadow does a dance on the brick pavement-

Rain drops on glass making a shadow like the bottom of a pool,

-One engine pulling tens of carts against lines of gold-

Searching for a place to get lost,

-Clouds reshaped after I emerge a tunnel-

Success, for we are lost and locked,

-The journey to the west is at an end-

Girls sing in stairwells and I get to listen,

-The boy always dances and raps near the exit-

I’m grateful to see with these new eyes,

Appreciative to hear with these new ears,

I listen to girls singing in stairwells,

Listen to girls singing in stairwells,

Girls singing in stairwells,

Singing in Stairwells,


Can you hear them?

Author’s Note:

I appreciate you reading this so much! I tried something very different in this poem. Instead of working with two different people’s points of view; I decided to work with only my point of view, but from two different points of time. The poem starts off with a visit I had to the museum followed by watching/listening to singing in stairwells. However, each line that is in between two dashes (-example-) is from the viewpoint of what I saw, while writing the poem, (written in a cooler way) the exact moment I finished writing the line before. For instance, after I finished writing “Success, for we are lost and locked” I arrived at West End. Thus, the following line “The journey to the west is at an end”. I thought this was a really fun and interesting style of writing and I plan to try it again.


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