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Artwork by Jade Chiban

VOX Teen Poetry: “Somebody Else’s Story”

by share

This is the story or someone who said no,
Or at least said no without it coming out their mouth
Motionless, she lay, her mind in disarray
Did I mention she didn’t move
Did I mention he still pursued
Used her intoxication for his gratification
A lack of words, Spoken loudly with a lack of action
Muted by the pursuit of his satisfaction
Silently screaming, internally weeping
The bruises from his gain, your tears fall silently as you remember the pain
The patronizing pierces you, periodically painting this picture that isn’t true.
A victim of a man you barely knew
And sadly I can say this is nothing new
Sisters, mistreated by misters
A mystery as to why some are misguided
These sisters afraid
These sisters trembling
These sisters told to keep quiet
What if, I told you they had a voice
No means no, there is no other choice
Passed out means no, if she’s not responding, you know the answer is no
Drugged means no
High or drunk, don’t stoop that low
Maybe is no
It isn’t yes until she says it yet
Yes is yes, and no is no, with anything especially sex
This is their story, her story,
Someone else’s story you need to hear
Is your story her story, same page, different chapter
Is her story your story
What she was wearing isn’t a factor
This story a tale as old as time, yet some act like they don’t know
Deaf and blind
This time not a tall tale
This is her story, but I’m the one who will tell
She can share this story too
And so can he, and now there’s two
Allies spread the word that this story is for you
Is for the hurt
This is someone else’s story
And that someone else is her.

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comments (3)

  1. Ace R.

    Amazing. The perspective is amazing, great job Zakai.

    1. Zakai Beck

      Thank you dearest

  2. Alexandria

    I literally was just speaking on this topic I hate how this is a big issue yet people don’t actually acknowledge it