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Psithurism: Poems in Dedication for Women’s History Month

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Psithurism (noun): The sound of leaves rustling in trees.

Psithurism (Si-Thur-ris-um)

Psithurism, ha
The laughing of womenfolk
Full of harmony

It’s a Woman Thing

We are great, phenomenal,
You can’t stop us

Many times people get mad
And try to block us

They don’t know that we are
Invincible, unbreakable, immortal

That we, like Sequoias
Can get through the work and toil

With branches for arms
We produce leaves that populate the world

We rise tall
Covering the world

This is a piece where I emphasize how great we women are despite the fact that we go through hardship. In the line about Sequoias, I used Sequoia trees as a reference to our strength because it is the strongest tree in the world.

Root Influence

Little seed sitting the soil
She burrows in comfort

Little seed plays among the roots
She wants to be like them

Little seed finds a comfy spot
She is determined to grow

Little seed learns from big roots
She soaks it up like water on a hot day

Little seed is happy
Knowing that one day she will birth the trees of the world

This poem is more personal to me. It speaks on my experience of having positive women influence my life and how I looked up to them as a little girl.


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