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Artwork by Zariyah Allen, VOX Teen Staff

VOX Teen Poetry: “Secrets of the Wind”

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“Is the wind silent? “
“Only when it blows softy!”
These are the two phrases I hear spoken of me all the time,
But how can you possibly know when you are deaf to all besides what you wish to hear,
I am the god of air,
I control it from all points of the compass,
Leaves and trees surrender to me under the slightest acknowledgement of my presence,
Yet you ask if the wind is silent,
A more befitting question is:” Why can I not always hear the wind?”,
For I am always here,
Making noise in your subconscious,
I give you the slightest sense of my power by allowing you to believe you can control me,
Sucking me up through nostrils and down throats,
I am the reason why you are alive,
Why does the wind blow?
Is another inquiry I laugh at,
Ohh why dost the wind blow?
Over the centuries,
Over 7 billion souls on this earth believing they have nothing to do with one another,
It seems only the animals and most empathetic few of you understand that you are all connected,
“How are all us individual souls connected?”
Why so many questions,
Why can you not just feel?
Tis the reason why the mighty wind is always here,
Even in the still air, I surround you, sit in your chest and mind,
And absorb your auras to carry with me later,
I carry your aura across the entire world,
Other souls breath pieces of you in,
You do the same, this is why the air has scent,
From combination of millions of auras mixed together,
Do you think you breathe in others then breath them back out?
No, that would be a waste of my time,
Think fool, think.. Must i answer all of your questions,
After you breathe auras in they become apart of your subconscious,
You are most aware of your subconscious, as you sleep,
Which is the reason why in dreams you can “create” a person you never have meet before,
Of course you have an imagination,
But the essence of the characters in your dream coms from what i deliver to you,
And together we are harmonious creating dream and nightmare,
Now no more questions before you start doubting me again
Good night and sweet dreams.

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Authors Note:
Hello and thank you so much for reading my poem. This poem was a bit of a challenge for me. I feel that it is a bit different from what I usually write. With this piece I wanted to take the standpoint of the slightly villainous wind in explaining that we are all connected. I hope you enjoyed it!

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