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Photo by Zayla Bryant/VOX ATL

VOX Teen Poetry: Saving Grace

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A big part of me is scared to take that leap of faith
I don’t feel equipped to be in spaces I’ve never entered
I’m scared I’ll make a grave mistake that will lock me out of the rooms I’ve just been introduced to
I’m trying to convince myself that I’m activating my faith
But really I’m lying in wait for a miracle to save me from myself
But I know the only help I need is at the end of my arm
I know what I need is to push myself to do something I’ve never done before
And that’s to ask for help
And that’s to vouch for myself
To have so much faith in my ability that no one can convince me otherwise
I tell myself I’m ready to fly
But am I willing to take the chance of falling a couple times in order for me to soar high
Above the cage I self proclaimed as I sang my sorrowful song?

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