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Art illustration by Carmen Weishan Herold

VOX Teen Poetry: Power of the Sun

by share

The sun whispers sweet nothings in the flower’s ear
for all the rabbits and birds to hear.
The flower stretches up towards the sky,
seeking the sun’s warm embrace.
Months would go by
But she was still stuck in place.

The flower begins to wilt,
Her gaze is low and her
Eyes are wet and wide.
So the sun raises her voice
Her light calls out to guide
The flower from the dirt.
Even through days with dark clouds
The sun speaks loud
and the flower makes strides,
Up and up.
Towards the sky.

Eventually the flower reaches the sun.
Relaxing into her warm arms,
Shielded from gloomy clouds down below.
Never to face any harm.


About Carmen Weishan Herold

/VOX ATL Teen Staff

Carmen Weishan Herold, 17, attends Dekalb School of the Arts, majoring in creative writing and minoring in media and film! She is the President of Graphic Novel Club at her sc...

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