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VOX Teen Poetry: ‘My Field, Their House’

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I am a field of flowers
Filled with bright lilies and beautiful tulips
My ambitions like the lush green grass
Sprouting from my adventurous mind

Small animals racing each other
Similar to my racing thoughts
My glowing essence
nourishing all that it can touch

But it seems
that people don’t
See the beauty
Within my fields

They want me to be a house,
Still as a wall
Unable to retaliate
Closed in by corners
Opinions muffled by drywall
My flowers and grass unable to grow
Blinds closed
So my sunshine can no longer radiate through these empty halls

The walls of this house aren’t even painted
They are no more than an empty canvas
A white tee that I will never be allowed to stain
They want me to be like these walls
Empty and plain

They lock me behind these doors
Leaving me alone with my pain
I heard that they plan to paint every house beige
So we all appear to be the same


About Reagan Hudson

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Reagan Hudson is a student at Chamblee Charter High School. She is a member of the Basketball and Track team. She has a passion for music and reading. She's played the Alto Sa...

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