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VOX Teen Poetry: “I Believe…”

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I believe that other races besides blacks need to acknowledge how important Black history month is.
I believe that my community and my peers need to learn how to accept people and their views.
They need to understand that everything is not a joke, and what you say can really hurt someone.
I believe the future will be better, and I believe if my future could tell me something, it would be that what happened there is surprising but everything is okay.
I believe that we need to call out the older generation because there are too many people blaming us.
I believe that if they actually wanted us to do something, wanted our help, then they need to listen.
We have to have hope.

Thought to my future self, I’ll tell you one thing: I’m taking what you said to heart, and I hope you’re right

‘cause for right now I’ll have hope.

Jordan Owens, 16, Starr’s Mill High School

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