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VOX Teen Poetry: Golden Haze

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in that golden haze
the undeniable phase
of warm summer days
a dream to take me
far far away

find me
in this geography
wisps of color
sights to see

imagine me
in the breeze,
falling softly,

the start of me,
a new beginning,
a place to be,
another winning.

a new leaf,
a new start,
a new path
to follow
my own heart

streaks of color
you call to her,
words fade,
words lost,
in them
mistakes, washed.

continue anyways
towards the golden haze.

in the golden haze
spend all my days
laughing and smiling,
memories compiling.

bring it back,
the golden haze.
wisps of lilac,
summer days.

the sight,
the scene,
the memory,
the dream.

tightly hold,
creased pages,
blurred lines,
don’t wait,
for the golden haze
you can never find.

not divine,
not hidden,
warm, gentle,

sink down,
eyes closed,
a yellow crown,
lilac, rose.

closed eyes,
the scene,
the dream.

of a haze,
almost forgotten,
set in a field,
of flowers in autumn.

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