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Art illustration by Asia Rodney-Collins

VOX Teen Poetry: “Cosmos”

by share

i felt the sparks
like waves
washing against my core

white and black checkerboard covering every wall

and i saw dying stars
inside of your eyes about to explode

like supernovas

shattering galactic landscapes
carving highways of carbon for
new life to emerge

i’m in a vortex of spiraling
prismatic colors

being sucked by gravity
into the black shadow
of oblivion

an empty background

devoid of planets, stars, solar
systems, galaxies, and beyond

devoid of time and space

devoid of the concept of devoid

but strangely i’m conscious of
every single big bang that ever

like a mere single heartbeat of existence
strangely conscious of

every single universe that ever formed

every single star that ever imploded

every single lifeform that ever developed

every single life that ever lived

every single thought that was ever thought
and strangely, i’m conscious of
the entire history of existence
with it’s most minute details

in a single moment

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About Asia Rodney-Collins

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Asia, 13, is a student at Emma Willard School. She is a poet, writer, and creative, who spent time using her experiences to advocate for minority groups. Among other interests...

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