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Artwork by Asia Rodney-Collins

VOX Teen Poetry: Celestial

by share

the moon is my constant
it never appears to change
formed by collision
she fills in an unexplained manner
many a hit she secures the earth
like a mother for her young,
her untamed tresses reach with gravity
her affection and her blood
through the blows
she manages to gleam,
notwithstanding the entirety of her holes
for the Earth she couldn’t care less.
the genuine grievousness isn’t that the earth rots and kicks the bucket herself
it’s that from within the beasts torture her profoundly.
in spite of the fact that we can see the conspicuous carnage
in war
war against herself

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About Asia Rodney-Collins

/VOX ATL Staff Writer

Asia, 13, is a student at the Ron Clark Academy. She is a poet, writer, and creative who spends time working under Dr. Natalia Kanem at the United Nations and with the Planned...

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