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Artwork by Asia Rodney-Collins

VOX Teen Poetry: “Affection”

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there is a morsel of fishing out for affection in a real sense wherever in america
despite the fact that we’re an abyss of adoration naturally – everybody does it so we do it too
we hustle ourselves for the brilliant harmonies of sentences as artists and authors
we become malnourished for the brushstrokes that shout yes and save us from expressing 1,000,000 things
affection is riding tidal waves or nearly suffocating or bouncing off of cascades
what’s more, not just getting wet, or respecting an image of a puddle of water from the good days
few and far between
affection is the liberation of your creativity, life is all the less without it
the key to cherish is to accept your opportunity
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Asia,15, is a powerhouse of both passion and purpose. As a student at Atlanta Girls' School, she is on a mission to use her boundless energy to effect change in her communitie...

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