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VOX Teen Art: “My Race Is Not A Virus”

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Hate – a word that we all felt at some point during the last year or so.

Our humanity continues to be tainted by the colors of racism, xenophobia, sinophobia, and even sexism, where hate continues to thrive. But in a world full of hate, love can prosper. Love MUST prosper. Our humanity ties us all together, weaved together in a web of mutuality and intimacy, bound into the same fate.

We share pain and suffering, love and community… these experiences unify us more then they divide us. We lost eight beautiful lives to hate and racism on March 16th, but we need unity now more then ever. I urge everyone to stick up and fight for one another, keep our families and communities protected, because love MUST prosper over hate.

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  1. Bria

    Such a beautiful pieces James. #SAH