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VOX Investigates Dating Violence – An Intro to our Coverage

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As a reporter, it is often hard to stay neutral when presented with a sensitive topic. This was especially the case with the newest issue of VOX Investigates, Dating Violence and Healthy Relationships. Presented with sensitive topics like dating violence, sexual abuse and the emotional standpoint of the victim, it was challenging to find a way to tackle these subjects without seeming insensitive or cynical while still remaining unbiased.

When VOX Investigates kicked off with a training from Partnership to End Domestic Violence, I was struck by all of the the talented writers who had signed up. Taking a look around the room, I knew this semester would be productive and that many relationships would be built. We had some new members, but veterans quickly showed them the ropes. Many people would be surprised by the level of maturity exhibited by people whose age group was deemed disruptive and unsophisticated. Who knew that a group of teens could better their community and peers?  

Violence within a relationship is a serious topic, whether it is physical, emotional or sexual. In this issue, VOX Investigates tackles the hardships of relationships and dealing with violent partners, especially when pertaining to teens.

“Because VOX has a broad audience and a wide demographic, we can educate our readers about the subject of relationships because it is seen as more of a taboo thing even though it’s not,” said Jahleelah, a VOX Investigates member and the author of Safehouse Q&A.

“I think the topic we covered is important because we don’t often hear about dating violence about teens specifically. That’s why it’s important we talk about these things,” contributed Holyn, another VOX Investigates member who helped make profiles of activists focusing on abusive relationships.

It is my hope as Editor In Chief and as a member of the community that this issue helps create awareness and smother some of the stigma of healthy relationships and domestic abuse. I am optimistic that you will learn much from assemblage of compositions.

Join us this Saturday, May 7, for a dialogue about this important issue — make your own media to add to ours, and enjoy VOX-a-palooza, our first year-end community showcase of voices! Click here for details and registration information. 

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