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“No, I wouldn’t say I celebrate it. Now, do I get dressed up and yes candy? Absolutely. My family is somewhat religious but my grandparents are super religious and because of that ‘celebrating’ Halloween was never an option. It was seen as the devil’s holiday.”

VOX Bubble: What are You Doing For Halloween? Should It Be a National Holiday?

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Every year on the last day of October, people celebrate Halloween by dressing up, watching horror movies, and eating candy. Some teens never outgrow the fun of trick-or-treating and some eat candy with friends. Read this VOX Bubble to get some of the hot takes on whether or not this holiday, full of candy and disguises, deserves to be a holiday where we can take off from school and/or work. 

Do you celebrate Halloween? If so, how do you celebrate?

“Yes! Some may say I’m too old, but I will never believe it. Every year I go trick-or-treating, and I’m perfectly fine with it”. –Katharine Markiewicz 

“Yes I do celebrate Halloween. My family goes trick or treating!” – Zoe Holland 

“I dress up!!” – Gavin Citron 

“No, I wouldn’t say I celebrate it. Now do I get dressed up and yes candy? Absolutely. My family is somewhat religious but my grandparents are super religious and because of that ‘celebrating’ Halloween was never an option. It was seen as the devil’s holiday.” –Amaya McGee

“I love Halloween. I try to go all out for my costumes. Normally, like the weekend before, I’ll go to a friend’s  house and eat some candy, maybe watch a horror movie or something. I love to give out candy to trick-or- treaters since I think I might be a bit too old to do it myself. I’m not a huge fan of haunted houses though.” –Jennie Matos 

“Yes. I used to go trick-or-treating but now I go to parties and watch horror movies.”- Carmen Weishan Herold 

“Yes! I usually celebrate by dressing up and going to events if there are some in my area. I also give out candy with my family sometimes.” –Maya Copeland 

Here’s why some VOXers don’t celebrate Halloween: 

“I don’t because of how I was raised. Personally it doesn’t really bother me but I try my best to stay away from the dark side out of respect for religion and my family.” –Amaya McGee

Do you think Halloween should be observed as a national holiday? And Why? (aka do you think we should have Halloween off from work and school?) 

“Yes. It’d be so fun to get to enjoy the day itself without having to worry about the pressure school puts on me.” –Katharine Markiewicz

“We should get Halloween off because many people celebrate and I know a lot of people don’t come to school on Halloween either way.” –Zoe Holland 

I don’t think we should have it off. It’s just a fun day!! –Gavin Citron 

“Hmmm no, because what would be the purpose? Do we also have St. Patrick’s day off? Do we also have Valentine’s Day off? I don’t think there’s a purpose. If we were to have Halloween off I feel like Jewish and Muslim students should be excused on their holidays without giving a reason.” –Amaya McGee

“Honestly, I wish it was, at least for kids. Like this year it’s on a Monday and I feel like a lot of people aren’t gonna really get to enjoy it because it’s literally at the beginning of the week. Kids should be able to enjoy it if they want. So I kind of wish it was a holiday.” –Jennie Matos 

“Yes. It would be convenient to a lot of parents and kids.” –Carmen Weishan Herold 

“It should be a national holiday because of how it brings people together and gives them something to celebrate.” –Maya Copeland 

When asked what they were going to be for Halloween, some VOXers weren’t sure yet : 

“Not sure, but I’m thinking on it!” – Katharine Markiewicz 

“I have no idea yet!!” –Gavin Citron 

And other VOXers already had their costume planned out: 

“I’m being Sophie from ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’” – Zoe Holland 

“I want to be the…DRUMROLL please…I want to be the tooth fairy. I’m getting braces off a couple of days before Halloween so it’s only right to  pay my respects to the tooth fairy”. –Amaya McGee

“Possibly ‘Carrie’.” –Jennie Matos 

“Him from ‘Powerpuff Girls.’” – Carmen Weishan Herold 

“I’m going to be Scarlet Witch!” –Maya Copeland

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