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VOX ATL has been visiting North Springs High School this semester and giving their teens an opportunity to share their thoughts on a number of topics and have them published. Among them has been the importance of teens being aware of their mental health. Check out what some of them had to say.

I think mental health is very important. I feel it should be talked about more, considering you never know what someone might be going through or if they want help. – Alivia Forte

I think mental health is very important in this society; social media has affected majority of teenagers, and the internet in general is very problematic, time consuming, and unhealthy.  –Tytianna Sanford

I think mental health is an important thing to speak on. It should be talked about more often because you don’t know what people are going through and dealing with. -Avery Jones

Health is very important. It is working to understand the emotions that you have and learning to deal with them. Mental health, like physical health, is complex. Some days are better than others, and no one has the same health/health background, but we do share the resources for better mental health. In this day and age, resources are everywhere. Family, friends, books, shows, podcasts, professionals, and more are ready to help and well-versed in all things mental health. Personally, I have struggled with dealing with stress, comparison, and procrastination. Things that almost every teen feels at some point in life. But the way I deal with it is by talking to people who understand and listening to how other people deal with what I am feeling. – Mairen Brown

Mental health [awareness] has grown in popularity over the past few years. It is important to stay mentally healthy so you can be productive and happy. Being in a stable state of mind lets people pursue their goals and motivate to face the day. It allows people to feel happy and stay away from a pit of despair. Thankfully, psychologists have been focused on mental health for hundreds on years and there are now many different ways to get help for mental illness. Because of this, if you are struggling with mental health, reach out to trusted family members and friends and get on a treatment plan that works for you. – Sarah Meiselman

Lots of people struggle with mental health; it’s not a joke and never will be. You should never laugh or pick at someone just because of their mental health. – Breaunne Malloy

Mental health is very important. Many people struggle with it. You should always talk to someone about your mental health if your struggling. – Madison Whitlatch

Mental health can be affected by many things. It is important to take care of your mental health. Generally, people’s mental health can ruins people’s mindsets on certain things. A lot of people struggle with it. Mental health can affect how you think, feel, or act. ​​Tala Hadid

Mental health is a very important topic especially with teens. With everything going on in our world today it is crucial to take care of your mental health. This can be done with self care, therapy, and keeping track of your emotions. – Elizabeth Peddi

Mental health is very important. It’s something a lot of teens struggle with and should feel more comfortable talking about, but a lot of times people will just say you want attention, and some people do but that’s not fair to the people that are genuinely struggling and need help. – Lauren Smith

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