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VOX 5: Tips For Teens On Getting Better Sleep

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Those who know me best know that I am a person that greatly values my sleep. Throughout my years, I have learned some strategies that have helped me to sleep better, so I’d like to share these with you.

I know that some of you might think sleep is very irrelevant, but you might want to stick around. Sleep is important because, without it, your body won’t have enough energy to get out of bed. Teens need more sleep than anyone because our bodies are developing quickly and that can drain our bodies out. So now I have five simple tips to help you get better sleep.

Tip #1: Drinking Warm Milk / Chamomile Tea 

There is a myth that warm milk helps you to sleep at night because milk has a certain ingredient called tryptophan that when warmed up it helps you to fall asleep. Chamomile Tea is also considered a mild tranquilizer that relaxes every muscle in your body. So here’s a special pro tip: you can pour your warm milk in your chamomile tea for an even better sleep! 

Tip #2: Relaxing Music

I suggest that if you do use the relaxing music method that you’re in a very dark room. Also when you listen to music you may find it more relaxing if your eyes are closed and that way you can fall asleep faster. Also, as far as music suggestions go, I say you can listen to anything that you feel comfortable with. 

Tip #3: Take A Warm Shower

A warm shower helps you to go to sleep faster because the warm water is heating up your body. When you get out the shower the water slowly starts to evaporate which cools your body down and that signals your brain telling it that it’s time for bed. 

Tip #4: Exercise

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Exercise helps you to sleep better because when you are exercising, it increases your body temperature just like a warm shower. I suggest that when you use the exercise method that you do not do it right before bed because then you will be wide awake.  

Tip #5: Comfortable Environment 

Being in a comfortable environment is very important when trying to get some sleep. If you are not comfortable then even though you might be able to fall asleep, when you wake up, you will probably still be tired because you were not in your comfortable spot.

I hope this helped anyone that is sleep deprived or that just wants to get a night of better sleep!

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