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VOX 5: Books To Jumpstart Your Library!

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Many struggle with finding new books to read, including myself! This selection of reads might help you explore new genres, stories, and adventures.

“I Love You So Mochi” by Sarah Kuhn

The story was so heartwarming. The way the relationships in the story grew from stranger to lover and from estranged to understanding mom, made me feel sad and joyous in ways I can’t quite describe. It was a sweet read that I’d put on my calendar to reread every month. 

“Chains” by Laurie Halse Anderson

A Historical fiction read with twists behind every corner. It’s the type of book where you’d instantly feel for the main characters. Laurie H. Anderson created a story so startlingly provocative that I immediately wanted to read the rest of the series.

“Wings of Ebony” by J. Elle

This book was so emotional to me. I nearly cried reading Rue’s story. This is a tale of adventure and defending what you love. Reading about Rue’s past and family made me feel for her and nearly every character in this book. The cliffhanger made me immediately read the next book! The suspense was too much! You can’t judge a book by its cover, but the cover of both of these books was designed spectacularly with matte finish, metallic elements, and beautiful artwork by Taj Francis.

“The Giver” by Lois Lowry

Believe it or not, I’ve never read this book! I’ve only watched the movie which was absolutely eye-opening and morally driven. It’s set in a futuristic society that is like the perfect utopia yet not all things are what they seem. A wonderful dystopian read that was then transferred to an amazing movie.

“Red Queen” by “Victoria Aveyard”

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I really want to read this book! The reviews were amazing and most of them said that if you like The Hunger Games, The Lunar Chronicles or the Divergent series (which are all absolutely capital-Amazing) you will love this book! I plan to download it as soon as possible! 


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