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Twitter Wars: The Politics of Kanye’s Sexuality

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If you were lucky enough to see the Twitter war that ensued between Kanye and Wiz Khalifa, you probably saw Amber Rose swoop in and mention how she recalls Kanye enjoying her putting her fingers in his lower orifice (read: butt crack) during sex, calling him a “fingersinthebootya**b*tch.”

The chaos that ensued after her comment led the trending hashtag #kanyesanalplaylist dedicated to songs Kanye listens to when receiving pleasure and as well as an array of memes showing Amber putting her fingers up Kanye’s rear end.

Later Kanye released a statement on Twitter where he wanted us to make sure that the public knew he wasn’t “into that kind of sh*t.”

“Exes can be mad, but just know I never let them play with my a**… I don’t do that… I stay away from that area all together,” he tweeted.

Whether Kanye liked for Amber to search for his buried treasure during their relationship is none of my business. Made up or not, I and thousands of others still got a kick out of it. But when you think about it, why are we really laughing?

We weren’t laughing at the idea of Amber getting dookie on her hands or poking him from the back, and honestly we weren’t even laughing at Kanye for engaging in a**play in general.

Besides, other celebs have talked about anal sex; Jhene Aiko sang about “eating the booty like groceries” and rapper Future talked about putting his thumb in girls butts and no one teased them like people did Kanye.

More than anything, we were laughing at the idea of Kanye being dominated like a woman usually is presumed to be in bed. We were laughing at him being emasculated.

The image of Kanye surrendering to the will of Amber’s fingers, portrayed him to be submissive. Simultaneously, the image of Amber giving him pleasure and controlling his body in that way feels awfully similar to him playing the role of what people stereotypically considered to be that of a woman.

Amber’s clapback was basically a way to attack his masculinity.

Kanye’s facade of the hypermasculine rapper was removed in that moment; to society, he wasn’t acting like a “real man.” Amber in a sense showcased him as what many men are afraid of being seen as: vulnerable.

I’m not mad at Amber for calling Kanye out; he said some horrible things about her child and her. But we can attack Kanye for something else aside from not living up to the idea of the alpha-male, an impossible image that a lot of men strive for but don’t fit.

Too many men hurt themselves and deprive themselves of experiences out of the fear of not being man enough. Does Kanye enjoying anal sex make him any less worthy of respect or less of a man?

Is there a problem acknowledging that he can be a terrible person and also likes being double dipped in? Yes, Kanye has said some disrespectful and foul things, but we should be judging him on those statements, not his sexuality.


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