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It was early in 2016 when I first heard the name Bernie Sanders. I was 14 years old and wasn’t super into politics. But when you’re a marginalized teen growing up in America, you’re bound to come in contact with them in some way. Because when it pertains to you, it’s a matter of survival. …

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VOXCast S4 E10: Interview with Mailchimp CEO Ben Chestnut

The latest episode of the VOXCast is a special one. VOXers Chris, Eric and Lyric sat down with Mailchimp CEO and co-founder Ben Chestnut. In this wide-ranging conversation, we covered Chestnut’s roots (he’s from a small Georiga town we never heard of), his teenage years and the sacrifice it took for him to build Mailchimp from a small e-mail marketing company into a small business champion that is worth more money than you can count. Listen and subscribe! Also, check out some cool photos from the day below.

Black youth are very well aware that the only reason MFOL got the coverage it did is because it happened in a suburban area. This year, 2018, alone has shown there is a demand for non-white stories to be shared on huge platforms, so now, let's extend the coverage to non-white voices in this conversation, because our voices matter, too. Read on