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Soccer Mommy’s Sophie Allison Comes Full Circle with New Single “Shotgun”

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Nearly eight months after her last release, Sophie Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, goes back to her roots in her latest single “Shotgun.” 

Allison, a Nashville native, has been officially releasing alternative hits since 2016. From her Bruce Springsteen cover to collabs with Kero Kero Bonito and Jay Som, her discography is brilliant. Her 2018 record “Clean” brought her into the spotlight with popular hits like “Your Dog” and “Scorpio Rising.” Allison’s sound on “Clean” is the epitome of ‘cool-girl.’ Her style is precise, collected, and edgy. However, her 2020 release “color theory” took a small departure from her self-confident style, instead taking a vulnerable dive into her mental health, insecurities, and temptations. Every aspect of the record- the lyrics, the guitar solos, the production- is absolutely immaculate. This past June, Allison released “rom com 2004,” an alternative-electronic hybrid single that shook me to my core. After this release, I expected her next record to lean closer to electro-pop. I was very mistaken. With the release of “Shotgun,” Allison’s sound comes full-circle. 

“So whenever you want me I’ll be around
I’m a bullet in a shotgun waiting to sound”

“Shotgun” starts off with a guitar riff straight out of a ‘90s coming of age movie. The song as a whole gives me “Clean” vibes, but the production reminds me of “color theory.” The lyrics are gory but powerful, and they blend nicely with the vibrant, edgy instrumental. The track itself explores extreme infatuation. Allison compares the emotions her lover gives her to “uppers… without the bad things.” Additionally, the shotgun metaphor causes her devotion to come off as passionate. By comparing her emotions to guns and drugs, Allison emphasizes the utter intensity of her infatuation.

“Look at your blue eyes like the stars
Stuck in the headlights of your car
You know I’ll take you as you are
As long as you do me”

Along with the track, Allison released a music video for the single. The video showcases her playing guitar in what appears to be a set of a childhood bedroom. The bubbles, lighting, and dark stares set an intense mood. This video confirmed what I already perceived to be true- Sophie Allison is a complete and total rockstar. She definitely has a fixed aesthetic and an eye for art. She is so insanely cool without even trying. It’s practically sickening!

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In addition to the track, Soccer Mommy announced the release of a new record, “Sometimes, Forever,” coming June 24th, along with a UK tour. She is currently making stops around North America on her spring tour with opener Peel Dream Magazine.

I attended her show in Athens at the 40 Watt Club, and I fear it may have changed the trajectory of my entire life. She is truly a superstar, and I am so incredibly excited for her new record. The “Sometimes, Forever” tracklist includes song titles “Unholy Affliction,” “Fire In The Driveway,” and “Bones.” As always, I absolutely cannot wait to see what she does next.

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