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Battle of the Journals: Which One is Right For You?

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So, you finally want to get organized? That’s great! School is fast approaching and you want to make sure your school year is great. I totally understand If you don’t already know, but there are many ways to stay organized this school year such as using productivity apps and writing things down in order to organize and remember your thoughts.

There are many ways to become more productive during the school year but one of the most traditional ways is to use an agenda planner. Agenda planners are used as productivity tools to help map out and write down ideas and plans for your day.

But there’s also a new type of organizational tool that’s been becoming a trend in recent years called bullet journaling. It’s a system where you create a blank notebook and make it into anything that you want it to be. You can make it as colorful or simple as you want it to be. It’s all up to you.

Also, as an alternative, you can use apps that help promote productivity and help you to remember things all on your phone/tablet.

So, you possibly might be wondering, which one should I use? What would be beneficial to me?

Well, here’s a comparison of these three tools to help you to decide what you should use for this school year.

Agenda Planner

Who could possibly use an agenda planner?

Agenda planners are usually for people who don’t desire to have to spend so much time on being organized. You probably need something fast and something that’s pre-planned for you. You also might be a person who is just really busy and you need something fast and quick. Everything is pre-made for you.

Where can you purchase?

Basically, every mainstream store you could possibly go to has an agenda planner. You could go department stores, like Ross or superstores like Walmart. You can even buy some planners online, but they can be more expensive depending on where you are looking. There are different types of planners available and you can just buy what you think you need.

Why should you use an agenda planner?

If you need something to really organize yourself in an orderly fashion that is fast and simple then agendas are for you.

Why shouldn’t you use an agenda planner?

They often lack any creativity and you can easily get bored using a planner unless you add more things to it. Also, if everything is pre-planned space then, you may run out of space for a day or you may just not use enough space. There’s also the chance that the agenda you use may not have the features you need.

Bullet Journaling

Who would use a bullet journal?

If you are a visual learner or a creative, bullet journaling is definitely for you! Bullet journaling is a great way to make your space yours and also to adjust and change easily. It’s a way to express creativity and so if you love creating your own spreads. Also, if you prefer to create your own pages in order to remember and engage more with your tasks, then bullet journaling is for you.

Where can you purchase?

For a bullet journal, you would have to purchase from different places. There isn’t one place that you could buy things for a bullet journal. You might want to buy a notebook online, but highlighters and pens from another website, art store or Target. You can collect different things from different places.

Why should you use a bullet journal?

Bullet journals are a great way to have a creative outlet and also organize your thoughts too. You can create spreads based on your life so they can work personally for you. Also, you can change up your bullet journal whenever and however you want. It’s the most flexible option and it’s a great tool if you want to keep it fresh but also be able to plan well.

Why shouldn’t you use a bullet journal?

It is VERY time-consuming. You have to plan to create your spreads and there’s planning before the planning. It also can become very expensive if you buy a lot of supplies. There’s a lot more money involved in bullet journaling and also if you aren’t good at keeping a routine, it can be hard to write in it everyday, but that’s also with every type of organization tool.

Productivity Apps

Who would use Productivity apps?

A person who needs a quick and fast way to write down their thoughts, plans and assignments and be able to carry it with them at basically every second of the day. If you don’t have the money to buy a planner or a notebook and stationary then, apps could be great for you to keep yourself organized.

Where can you get these apps?

In the app store of any device. Whether it be a computer, phone or tablet, productivity apps are on every devices’ app store.

Why should you use productivity apps?

It is very efficient. These apps can be easily downloaded and used in minutes and in this day and age, technology is obviously huge, so using a productivity app can be seen as very common and normal to do. Also, there are different productivity apps to fit what you want. You can also use calendar apps to keep track of your tasks and assignments as well. Everything is already there for you to use and it’s also free. Did I also mention that it’s eco-friendly? No paper waste comes from using apps!

Why shouldn’t you use productivity apps?

Phones, computers, and tablets can be very distracting and you could become distracted very easily while using your productivity apps. So, if you can’t stay focused using it, then it’s probably not a good idea. Also, if you are constantly having notifications, you might miss your reminders and it could also make you forget about your tasks. It happens. Apps can also fail too. Technology isn’t perfect.

There are many options for how to keep yourself organized this school year and here are three great options for you to use. It all just depends on what you are comfortable with using and also what fits your personality. Agendas are very practical for everyday use and they are very reliable. Bullet journals are full of creativity and are great for sharing with others and are wonderful for no commitment to a certain spread. Lastly, productivity apps are very fast and helpful for getting things written down and are great for constant reminders on the go.

Do what will help you. Try these methods out and see what you like and don’t and adjust accordingly! Happy Organizing!

Jasmine, 16, attends DeKalb Early College Academy and believes that the future of productivity will be bright because of bullet journaling.


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