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People came into Music Midtown worried about the “questionable” lineup, however, as they left the main stage on the last day, their minds were undoubtedly changed. Music Midtown and the artists involved put on a great show that people of all ages would enjoy. Read on
The second episode of the new VOX comic strip, VOX Trot has arrived! As cartoonist Aidan describes it, he was inspired by a mishearing a favorite song. Read on
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While the new Netflix original movie "Tall Girl" was made for a teen audience, Brooklyn, 14, didn't feel the film was relatable to her. She explains why. Read on
Music continues to be the one unifying factor for people, despite a system that’s based on separation. And that’s what Music Midtown is about. Read on
So what are the benefits of getting up so early to run a 5K/10K anyway? Well to start, running is said to lift symptoms of depression and improve your mood because it serves as a way for the mind to quiet down and relieve stress. Read on
A Note From Cartoonist Aidan Ventimiglia: I always enjoy a little pun to make me smile in the morning. Or in the afternoon. Or lunchtime, or evening, or pretty much any time when I’m not already smiling. Presenting: VOXTrot! (and YOU get a smile, YOU get a smile, AND YOU get a smile!!!) About the Artist-Author:…

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