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From our VOX Investigates: Equity in Education coverage, VOX ATL staff writer Jaya Bray challenges the notion that homeschool students don't get to socialize like their traditional school counterparts. Read on
"I stopped waiting for school to feel natural, for things to make sense, and just decided to move through it, and trust the decisions I make." Read on
she-has-a-plan-for-that-inside-elizabeth-warrens-atlanta-rally Read on
"I'm not gonna say you don't have a place in these conversations, but you need to be aware of your role as an ally and not be literally front and center."  Read on
VOX ATL staff writer Alex Ames attended the Democratic Presidential Debate and gave us a first had account of what the cameras missed. Read on
The fifth Democratic Presidential Debate was held in Atlanta and VOX teens stayed up late to watch and react in real time. Here's what they thought. Read on