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A Note From Cartoonist Aidan Ventimiglia: I always enjoy a little pun to make me smile in the morning. Or in the afternoon. Or lunchtime, or evening, or pretty much any time when I’m not already smiling. Presenting: VOXTrot! (and YOU get a smile, YOU get a smile, AND YOU get a smile!!!) About the Artist-Author:…

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Christa Beth Campbell, 16, released her debut single “Songbird” earlier this month (available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music).  Christa is from Lawrenceville, attends Collins Hill High School and is a musician with the nonprofit Notes for Notes. Read on
VOX ATL contributor Dinah Rogers takes a deep dive into Atlanta-based artist Fahamu Pecou's "DO or DIE" exhibition. Read on
You may ask why the recent Heartbeat Bills have stirred up so many emotions among teens, and it is primarily for a couple of reasons.  Read on
In this episode of The Big G Show, your host Noel Greene offers his take on the long-running musical "Cats" that stopped through Atlanta. Read on
VOX ATL's Mack Walker drops off his latest survival guide for the new school year. Read on