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VOX ATL alum Zakirah checks in with us all the way from California. Read on
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"Instead of waiting for change to occur, teens have been making change happen, through attending summits, educating themselves and creating safe spaces for the marginalized, outcasted and excluded," says VOX ATL's Lauren Ashe. Read on
As the first-ever foreign language Best Picture Oscar winner, teens should overcome their fears about films with subtitles and check out "Parasite." Read on
"I find it very ironic that Billie, an artist clearly inspired by rap culture, can so easily criticize rap music for “lying” when she herself brags about seducing other people’s dads and killing her friends." Read on
Now, with pride, we still yell “KOBE” at the victory of a trash can shot, wear his adored sneakers and jerseys, keep a mamba mentality, and use the hashtag #girldad in respect for all that he was. Read on
VOX ATL alum and Georgia Tech freshman Avanti shares what it has been like transitioning from high school to college. Read on