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I am so glad that a show like this exists to begin the much needed conversation about mental illness. Anxiety is not a joke. Read on
“Dear Evan Hansen” features an interesting choice for the protagonist (I was not rooting for him but I recognized the intentions of the writers). Read on
VOX ATL staff member Imani Randolph delivers her first poem, "A New Beginning." Read on
Many teens describe abusing drugs as a way of gaining popularity or even blending in during high school. Although substance abuse affects everyone, the effect on teenagers is especially important. Read on
The effects of constant stereotypical gay characters in the media causes gay youth to feel as if their sexuality must dictate who they are as a person, when in reality sexuality and personality are two separate things. Read on
"Dear Evan Hansen" focuses on the real issues teenagers face in a high school environment, including anxiety, without delving into cliches. Read on