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Is NBA Draft Standout Lonzo Ball, the Greatest Player of 2017?

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In the 2017  NBA draft, the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, Thursday night. In his one year at UCLA, Ball averaged around 14 points and six rebounds per game. ESPN writes: “Ball is like a Jason-Kidd like passer. He has a excellent size for a point guard, and is considered a great player for his age.”

Ball’s skills have brought him a long way and always by his side? His father, Lavar Ball. As Lonzo’s dad, Lavar has had an influential role on Lonzo and continues to guide him, as well as talking highly about him. But some commentators, including ESPN’s Amin Elhassan stated: “ The kid is going to have enough pressure as it is. He doesn’t need anybody hyping him up extra.”

On Friday, Atlantans had many things to say about Lonzo’s father. “He’s great,” said Jordan Spence. He’s built himself up, but he’s not as good as his dad says he is, though.”

Rod Square added, “His dad has put a target on his back, leading him to believe he can beat anybody.” Square predicted Ball wouldn’t be able to hold his own against a player like NBA superstar Stephen Curry. “Steph is gonna make him pay,” said Square.

But Keem Hendrick had a different take on Lavar, calling the dad “smart, because without his moves [Lonzo] wouldn’t have gained as much exposure.”

As for Lonzo’s legacy in the NBA, Rod Square said, “He’s going to be successful but not as successful as his dad is trying to make him out to be.”

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While people have their own opinions, it won’t stop Lonzo from earning a big payday. According to Forbes Magazine, Lonzo will be making more than $30 million over 4 years, $14 million of which is guaranteed.

Victoria, Carlos, Chasity and Gabby are VOX Media Cafe reporters in June 2017. 

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