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MARTA Rails Are Straight, But I’m Not

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Dear 14-year-old boy who bombarded me at the MARTA Five Points station today,

My name is Christian, not like you care or anything, because when you approached me, you did not care to ask, but today, you cut me deep. I was slowly walking past, looking at my phone, trying to find somewhere to sit. I was headed to my mom’s house. I saw you, but I did not look up at you because I was not interested. I was happy by myself, walking with my phone, and social media was already sucking the intelligence out of my brain.

You walked up next to me and started with a compliment. It was nice, but I knew where this was going. So when you asked me for my number, I blurted out almost instinctively, “I am a lesbian. I do not like boys.”

This is when it all started.

With each word, you sent sharp knives through my chest. “You’re too pretty to be a lesbian” you told me, and then cracked a smile. However, there was something you didn’t notice. I am pretty because I am a lesbian.

I walk with the elegance of a rhino. Obviously, this is something you did not know, so let me inform you further. Lesbians are pretty because they love hard and excel with emotions. Lesbians are the rawest form of woman because we know our own bodies and familiarize ourselves with the intricacies of other goddesses.

You asked me questions, but you were not asking me about my story. You did not care about who I love, but rather why I do not love men. “What happened?”

I know the stereotype. You think I am a lesbian because an asshole broke my heart, but no. Rather, girls have been my muse since I was young. I’ve taken up a practice of admiring their smiles, feasting on their minds and falling in love with their power.

You are not the first guy who has questioned me, but your age surprised me.

I wonder who is responsible for your ego. Who neglected to tell you that other forms of sexuality deserve respect too? It feels like deja-vu because the same words you used have been repeatedly said to me by older men, so this letter was made to save you from growing up ignorant. You should know women who like women are real people with real feelings.

Many men before you have insulted my sexuality and many will continue to after you. I just want you to know I am a part of a community who will not be discredited and will not stop loving other girls just because of your misogynistic comments.

Girls like girls.


The conscience of a 21-year-old unicorn

Make sure to check out Christian’s podcast series starting the last week of June for Pride Month called “When Girls Like Girls.” She will feature many different types of lesbians [femme, stem and stud] and get their experiences as well.

Christian, the androgynous 21-year old, enjoys screaming “yes, melanin!” at girls when taking their pictures and sees all clothes as gender neutral.

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