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Pictured: Jillian Hervey of Lion Babe

Photo: Erin Davis/VOX ATL

Lion Babe’s ‘Cosmic Wind’ Blows Through Atlanta [PHOTOS]

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Lion Babe, Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman’s enigmatic duo, brought their effervescent magic to Atlanta’s Loft for their Cosmic Wind tour in support of their second full-length release.

The synergy between Lion Babe and their audience was extraordinary, a web of energy woven between the two. Singer and performer Hervey, one half of the duo,  was thrown into the music, her movements organic, voice as rich and sweet as something grown from the earth. A glimmering goddess, we willingly consumed the wavering spell Hervey spun. Together, the duo wove an atmosphere that was floaty and enveloping; the wet, heavy air clung to our skins and settled there as we crushed together, shoulder to shoulder and sweating. We didn’t care.

We were experiencing magic.

All photos by Erin Davis

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