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“Indivisible means to be not able to be separated from something else or into different parts. Self destruction first poisons the mind, then the heart.”

Artwork by Ramaya Thomas, VOX Teen Staff


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The power of self-destruction leaves a soul empty, pleading for life through gasps of air. The transformation of self-destruction hinders the mind from becoming unstoppable. Though the healing of self-destruction brings the mind, body, and soul into transcendence of their purpose.

A wise friend once told me that faith is sometimes walking blindly. Life could be a dream, but it can also be the euphoria of the nightmare that unfolds into the pits of hell. Engraving the thought that turns into action that we are meant to survive. However, survival is more of a chore rather than purely living which is more of a luxury. Self-destruction leaves a being vulnerable, even fragile enough, to be broken into loneliness, depression, insecurities, generational cycles, and the lack thereof.

This is the sacred beauty of the process of becoming indivisible.

Indivisible means to be not able to be separated from something else or into different parts. Self-destruction first poisons the mind, then the heart. The equation of becoming indivisible is transforming into the person you strive to uphold. This equation is being held in the palm of your hands, waiting on you to grab and hold it. While leaving the impacts of self-destruction behind. However, the goal is not to fall under the mere obstacles that tend to break us leaving us not to be fixed. You may ask, how do we become invisible?

The only solution to that question is to learn and cultivate yourself. Many are scared to look within their own shadows, but expect to be the light that shines the brightest than the rest. Many are scared to fulfill their own potential, but do not want to walk through the maze of uncertainty. Many want to enjoy the luxuries of living, but do not want to trust the process.

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Self-destruction causes a lingering spirit of anxiousness that should be turned into respecting your imperfections and loving your whole self. This is merely a cycle that consumes the mind, however becoming of your uncertainty, facing your potential, and understanding your perfections is how you officially break the chain of self-destruction.

Will you stay in the pits of your desires without aiming beyond the surface?


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  1. Farrah Brown

    Amazing article. Yet again.