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Poem by Fouad Dakwar (pictured)

In Need of Some Care

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“I’m always searched at the airport
They tell me it’s random
But I guess your probability of getting chosen and having an Arabic name rise in tandem.
I get on the plane,
Afraid to speak my first language
Don’t wanna get taken away
Weighed and stowed
Like baggage.
I land in Tel Aviv,
Ride to Jerusalem and see
A wall right out of Donald Trump’s wet dream.

It seems like there’s more Palestinian land to take
Every day
Some of my people, ALL oppressed, feel like there’s no other way.
Even Mandela once resorted to violence
In times of oppression when your voice is silenced, and you’re awoken by the blairing of sirens
It seems like the only road is that of violent defiance.
Just look at Baltimore during its so called “time of crisis”
Look in the past where Blacks were enslaved, segregated, and now their voices still being silenced.

If you take an act of resistance
Out of context
If you gloss over the endless
That has caused it
Then the consequence
Is ignorance
The insistence
That “it doesn’t have to be this way,
Must it?”

حرية لبلدي
It seems even farther away when you’re forced to flee your home country.
Forced to build a new home inside a racist zone in 1948 literally known as a Jewish state.
Tell me, how are non-Jews supposed to expect equality in a state with that name.
American media only letting you look through the smallest frame. More like propaganda, only Israelis living in fear they claim. but in the past 15 years- albut in the past 15 years- almost as long as I’ve lived- 15 Palestinian children have been killed for every 1 Israeli kid.

By the way I’m not Muslim like you probably thought, when I tell ’em most people respond
They’re pretty shocked
The truth is my entire family’s Christian, 1 in 5 Palestinians are, you might think that’s a lot.
That’s the problem with stereotypes, they place a single idea in your head,
Where a peaceful religion like Islam becomes one of “terrorists” instead.
Also, you should know cause apparently most don’t
That I don’t hate America or Jews and I’m not blowing myself up any time soon.
The small amount of radicals shouldn’t stand for the whole, I don’t see every white person being suspected of wanting to shoot up a school.
Oh right ’cause those people were all just crazy.
Just like the rockets shot by Hamas shouldn’t represent me
Or all of Palestine,
Israel’s crimes shouldn’t represent all of Israel’s people.
Rise and make the choice
To raise your voice.
Same to Americans,
Sorry to break it to you
But this isn’t an issue
Of foreign affairs or relations
Not anymore
Not when our tax dollars are funding endlessly more weapons of war.
Oh and Settlements:
Gentrification taken to a new extreme
But we’re “the extremists”
Cause they reign supreme
It’s the Zionist dream
Taking all فلسطين
With every push of a soda stream
How are parts even considered controversial topics? How can the thoughts on racist oppression be anything but working to stop it? I guess it’s easier to side with the people who look more white. When people aren’t given their rights and peaceful protests just result in tears not only from the tear gas but also your friends and family being slaughtered en mass.
It may seem like there’s no way out
Kids my age and younger being sent to prison camps for speaking out and raising their voices to shout, “freedom for our people, all people, everywhere.”
But right now I think it’s fair to say that Palestine is one in need of some care.”




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