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Poem: Rejecting the Impossible in Dating Relationships

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Does that word ring a bell?

When a guy says it’s impossible to satisfy a girl,


Or when a girl says it’s impossible for a guy to be different.



Why is it impossible for teens to be respectful in a relationship?

Why isn’t impossible, possible for a guy to know how to treat instead of beat a girl?



It’s not impossible to have a healthy relationship with an significant other.



Parents, it is possible for guys or girls to change — you may think it’s impossible for changing


If you break it down,

Impossible stands for I’m possible

Meaning I’m possible to have a healthy dating relationship

I’m possible to know how to treat a guy or girl

I’m possible and the example of working or being in a healthy relationship

I’m possible of dating the right guy or girl



Kalenza Robinson, 17, attends Cedar Grove High School. Kalenza is a member of the L.O.F.T.Y. Crew at the Center for Black Women’s Wellness. She wrote this poem about the stigmas surrounding teen dating and overcoming them.

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