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Atlanta Teens Speak Out: Dating, Relationships & Love

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Atlanta-area teens who attended the Partnership Against Domestic Violence’s Teen Summit spoke up about love, dating and healthy relationships.  For more teens’ voices about dating violence and relationships, check out VOX Investigates coverage of this topic.  

By Alexandria Fields Beasley, 16, Hampton High School

Some days go by so fast

We all know they never last

Amazing is a word to describe a friend

Peace is what we don’t feel ’til the end

Family doesn’t always mean blood

It’s the people you know you love

A partner is someone you trust

It’s driven by love, not by lust!

People teach us things we never knew

Don’t hate this poem, it’s not for you!


By Cassietta Allen, 16, Home schooled

Women are like flowers,

But with silent power

We may shiver, we may shake,

But we will never break

We blossom and are unique,

But it’s only love we seek

We are like flowers

And the thing about that:

Flowers always, always

Come back.


By Sebastian, 14, Centennial High School

People like flowers

But not all people do.

Flowers are pretty, nice, and sweet

But people see them as vulnerable and weak

So flowers are cool and innocent

But people don’t think

That picking a flower is bad

But just like people

Picking is bad.


By Oscar Flores, 16, Norcross High School

Girls are like flowers picked by their


When in reality they are just like gems

They are all beautiful and unique

They are not something you can

Just critique

I ran out of words to speak


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